2009-07-23 Joseph SpirosLicensing ITMac under the GNU Lesser General Public... master
2009-01-12 Joseph SpirosLicensing ITMac under the GNU General Public License...
2006-02-23 Kent SutherlandUsing 10.4 SDK to build universal MenuTunes-1.7
2005-12-11 Kent SutherlandSomehow ITSendAEWithString lost its return in revision... MenuPrefs-1.5.2
2005-12-06 Joseph SpirosUpdating ITMac to use standard configuration names.
2005-10-09 Kent SutherlandAdded a new AE method that handles custom timeouts. MenuTunes-1.6
2005-09-30 Joseph SpirosFixing project references due to the previous upgrade...
2005-09-19 Kent SutherlandAdded proper AEDisposeDesc's in order to stop memory...
2005-08-09 Joseph SpirosUpgrading ITMac to Xcode 2.1
2005-05-02 Joseph SpirosRemoving reference to my personal filesystem layout...
2005-04-04 Joseph SpirosFixing header imports. v1.0
2005-04-04 Joseph SpirosUpdating ITMac header to include public headers.
2005-04-04 Joseph SpirosInitial import of ITMac sources.